Thursday, May 30, 2013

So What Exactly Is Personal Finance?

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I realized yesterday that as awesome as my blog may be, some people might not even know what personal finance is.

We don't really learn about it in elementary school, middle school, or high school (at least, not where I went), and even in college, I haven't seen any kind of personal finance education program. On campus, there are tons of resources for job placement, resume writing and networking, which is great. But let's say you go through all that and find yourself a wonderful job. Do you know how to handle the money?

There's a lot more to do with what you earn than just spending it.

Understanding taxes, credit, and investment options helps you maximize the worth of your money. Some of us have parents who teach us about various things about personal finance, while some of us might never hear our parents talk about that stuff. If our parents don't teach us, and school doesn't teach us, then what do we do? How would we ever know that there is personal finance to be learned about?

I used to worry about having to graduate college and then getting lost and overwhelmed trying to figure all these stuff out at once. I'll be getting a car, thus having to buy insurance for it, and how do I find a good insurance policy? I'll be getting a house or renting, thus having to get home insurance and paying bills, and how much is that exactly? What is this retirement thing grown-ups keep talking about?

In conclusion: personal finance is knowing what to do with your money to make the most of what you have.

That's what my blog is for. I want to help people learn about what they can do with their money, and how to handle money matters that are sure to come up. Even though I am far from an expert, I know a decent amount and I can definitely help you find the answers to a question you have.


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