Monday, July 15, 2013

Messages From Readers: Saving is NOT Boring

If you save, you will NOT look bored like these kids. 

Something I like to do is share the comments I get. I particularly liked this one because the commenter gave me a great real-life example to share with my readers. :) Also, it was a response to another commenter, who said that saving was kind of boring - it was better to spend while young, instead of saving until retirement to have fun.   


"...I've been saving for as long as I remember. In fact, I started saving the day my father gave me a check book when I was 12 and started giving me my monthly allowance. Except he never gave it to me in cash, instead, he would sit me down, have me write down the amount every month under "Debit" and whenever I wanted to spend money I would sit himdown, write the amount under "Credit" and he would give me cash from his wallet.

It's been almost ten years since, and three years ago we opened my first bank account together, and ever since I've done nearly the same thing: Instead of a monthly allowance, I earned paychecks on a biweekly basis. I put at least 60% of that amount into my savings, and I put the rest in my checking account to do as I please. I basically started saving from the get-go, and it's a habit that is just normal to me.

I am living comfortably, and I'm only earning $10/hour 20 hours a week! Anonymous has it right, it does have to do with your choice of lifestyle. I only shop for clothes maybe once a month, I spend around $100 on groceries every month, and I go out only occasionally. When I get a raise or when it's vacation and I can work 40 hours a week, I allow myself to "upgrade" my lifestyle and go out more often :]

I'm happy. I've saved thousands, don't plan to invest my money anytime soon (I cannot, for my life, understand investment. I hope to take classes someday but definitely when I'm older and I have more money and time), and I feel you, I've often felt like I was "missing out" when I see people make expensive trips or shopping sprees or outings/events. But I make up for those "lost" opportunities by *creating* them myself :)

I hope this helped, I didn't want to make this a wall of text but there's a lot of ways to still have fun without spending a lot of money. There's really nothing "boring" about saving money. You have the freedom to choose your way of living, and it's you, not money, that makes it boring or exciting! :D" 



People are under the assumption that if you save, then you can't spend. Or that you can't spend enough. Or that you can't spend on things you want (and only things you need). That's not true at all, and I'm willing to bet that most of us could live off of less money than we are now. 

Elisa got started early with all this saving and budgeting stuff, but it's not too late! Knowing where your money goes - how much you're bringing in, and what you're spending it on - is the key to helping yourself save and spend wisely. It's also really simple. 


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