Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Review: MONEY RULES - The Simple Path to Lifelong Security

Highly recommended!

"...I am aiming to understand it well enough to make use of it in my own life. And once I've done that, I can help you understand it, too." 

By Jean Chatzky 


I love this book. If I could only have read one personal finance book in my entire life (*gasp*), it would be this one. She makes these personal finance concepts so simple, and makes a really compelling case that her book is not a trick - everything really is just that simple. Her rules are a sentence long, followed by a brief paragraph that elaborates on her reasoning for sticking with that rule. 


Some of the rules assume that you already have background information, which you may not. For example, she says that people should rebalance every 6 months, but some people might not know exactly what that entails. Another example, "Always get 3 bids. Never take the high one." I still don't know what that one is talking about. 


Read it. It can only help you, and I think it might even help pique your interest in some personal finance concepts. 


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