Friday, September 6, 2013

Recap: June 2013

Hey guys, I've decided to start doing a recap post at the beginning of each month so that new readers (I'm very hopeful) will see what they've missed and go back and read about topics they're interested in. I'm still playing catch-up, so you're going to see the last four months in a row. 

Here's what I did in June: 

I started writing reviews of the many personal finance books that I've read, and celebrated the first month anniversary of Money Matters. :) 

Topics I covered included credit scores (including how to raise/lower them), secured cards (they're sort of like credit cards), and credit card rewards. I talked more about my personal experiences with money, like how I get money and what I do with it. I also gave some tips about how to avoid spending money, and shared some insights from readers about why savings is "boring." 

As always, let me know if you have questions or comments. I really want to know what you guys are curious about! 



  1. A belated kudos to a one year anniversary! With hopes for many more enlightening years of personal financial advice.

    Methinks the clan of Zhang might be worth listening to:

  2. It's only been 4 months haha. :P Thanks for reading!