Monday, December 30, 2013

My Most Remarkable Purchases of 2013

Happy new year! :D 
Read this if: 

1) You want to know how I spend my money (and how I feel about those expenditures). 


I have intense buyer’s remorse. According to my records, I have spent more this year than I have in any other year of my life (but considering I’m only 21 I guess that’s not saying much). Here are the highlights: what I paid money for and why it was significant. 

1) A new super fancy desk chair. 

It has neck support, adjustable arm rests, inflatable back support thingies, goes up and down, tilts, and best of all, it rolls. I got it because the chair that came in my dorm room was not giving me enough support. I paid almost $300 for it, and I am still not sure if I am glad that I did. I mean, it’s definitely comfortable and useful and all that, but I don’t think I have ever dropped more than $50 at a time for anything, so this was a whole new level of buyer’s remorse for me. 

2) A new computer. 

They say that there is an epidemic consisting of back and neck pain caused by using laptops. I have some neck problems to begin with, so in the name of protecting myself from future injury, I bought a desktop for almost $800, and I am still not sure if I am glad that I did. Are you sensing a pattern here? The computer does everything I need it to, and even some things that I don’t, but I can’t help but feel that I should have found an alternative or something cheaper. 

3) Tickets to the Blue Man Group and Wicked. 

I am a huge fan of the performing arts. Even so, the thought of paying almost $150 for a show that lasted about two hours made me twitch a little, but after the show was over, I had zero regrets. I wouldn’t do it often of course, but every once in a while, getting to see a great show is completely worth the money. 

4) Another year of college. 

This school year, I changed majors, committing myself to staying in college for an additional year. Was it heartbreaking to let two years of college go down the drain? Noooooo! I would rather that than finish college studying my old major. As a result, I will end up spending about $5,000 more on college than I would have, but I already know that was the right thing to do for myself. 

Bottom Line

I guess I’ve always known this about myself, but reflecting on my purchases proved it: I pretty much always feel guilty when I buy *things* but never have I felt guilty for an experience.


Have you ever felt super guilty or satisfied with a purchase? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Joan, you should have talked to some of us gamers before getting a computer! Always good to be safe.

  2. I did! I have a personal computer consultant. :P