Monday, January 20, 2014

Searching for Scholarships

Gotta love the internet.

Read this if: 

1) You need/want scholarships for college. 
2) You don’t know where to find scholarships. 


I’ve been lazy. I know there is a lot of free money out there for school, but I haven’t bothered to look for the first two years of college. It’s time to change that (mostly because now I know I have to stay an extra year). Read on for some tips on finding and applying for scholarships!

Scholarship Collections

There are a lot of websites that list scholarships that can help you filter out scholarships you qualify for. FastWeb and Zinch are two that come to mind. It can get kind of overwhelming because there are so many, so I like to look at them by date: the ones that are due the soonest, I look at first. The only problem with these is that sometimes the filters don’t work correctly so I end up wasting a lot of time looking at scholarships for Dutch furniture makers. (I kid, that only happened once). 

Companies In Your Field Of Study

I am a computer science major, so I look up software companies I might want to work at one day (and even ones I don’t) and see if they have scholarships. In case you are a CS major as well, Microsoft and Google offer annual scholarships. 

Your College

Most colleges have scholarships that they specially give to their students (I’ve seen general ones for any student, or major-specific scholarships). Try your department and groups on campus that are related to your major. 

Your State

The state where you are a resident might offer scholarships, too! (Maryland residents - there are definitely some here.)

Things To Watch Out For 

1) You should not have to pay to apply for a scholarship, especially since there are so many free ones out there. 
2) Whenever you apply for a scholarship, save the application (if it’s electronic) because you might use it again. The essays especially can help you out (with other applications as well). 
3) Some scholarships want to know that you are in need of financial aid by submitting the FAFSA. More info about that here

Bottom Line

Free money. Don’t be lazy like me. 


Know of any scholarships? Let me know in the comments. 


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