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4 Ways To Get Yourself a Job - I'm sure these are ground-breaking tips

Two of my favorite words. 
Read this if: 

1) You don’t know how to start looking for a job. 


After I changed majors last semester, I had no idea how to apply for an internship in my new field. I didn't know how interviews worked, what my resume needed to have, or what kind of jobs there were. Here are four things I started doing while trying to figure out the job-search process, and I think they have worked out well for me. 

Read Job Descriptions

No matter what you want to do, one of the best ways of understanding how to become a better candidate is by reading job descriptions for jobs you want. I read every internship posting I see, just to see what skills employers are looking for. At the very least, I can see if I’m on the right track. Sometimes, I notice a pattern (everyone wants someone who can communicate well…note to self: practice talking), and I add it to my list of things to work on. 

Apply To Everything

I am looking for an internship for the summer, so I applied to every internship I thought I could remotely qualify for. Could it be a waste of time? Yes. But as with all things in life, practice makes perfect. Practice writing cover letters and tweaking your resume. I’ve gotten interviews for jobs I didn't end up getting but learned so much about the interview process along the way. 

Go To Career Fair

You can get a glimpse of what kind of jobs are out there, and watch how other people interact with potential employers. Maybe you’ll learn something from that guy who dressed up in a suit and armed himself with business cards. 

I get flustered when I talk to strangers. It’s even worse when I’m expected to brag about myself, as one is supposed to do at a career fair. I guess that’s why it’s that much more important that I go - I need to practice making a good first impression. So if you're like me at all, you should definitely go. 

Life Is A Networking Event

I always hear the term "networking event" but haven't gone to one because they remind me of career fairs. I justify this by reminding myself that when I talk to people and build relationships (with friends, professors, classmates), I am already networking. That one friend of mine might end up owning his own company, and hire me because I listened to him talk about his favorite K-pop singer. 

My point here is - don't worry too much about not going to career events. I'm convinced that you can just build relationships with the people you genuinely want to talk to, and end up building a network. (Of course, if you DO like networking events, go for it. )

Bottom Line

The one thing that's common to the four tips I just listed is this: job searching is about the time you put in. You need time to understand what your field is looking for, time to apply and interview, time to go to career fair, and time to talk to the people in your life. 

Good luck! :) 


Do you have any tips for finding a job? Let me know in the comments. 


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