Monday, March 3, 2014

Eight Easy Things To Do For Good Financial Health

Ideally, your check list would have actual stuff on it to check off. 
Read this if: 

1) You want to know when you should do what for your money. 


I’ve realized that there are lots of things that I should do regularly that I sometimes forget to do. Here’s a checklist for you (and me). 

Annual Things

Here are things that should be done once a year. If you want more information about any of them, click on the links to read related posts! 
  • Financial aid forms: College students should fill out the FAFSA to get financial aid (colleges have their own due date, so make sure you double check yours!) 
  • Get your free credit reports: If you have a credit card, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are in good standing. 
  • Max out your Roth IRA: If you have the money, I really suggest trying to get as much in your Roth IRA as possible.
  • Scholarships: Do you need to renew any scholarships that you’ve already gotten? How about apply for more
  • Tax return: If you made money and had taxes withheld, fill out a return! Read my guide on where to start if you're lost. 
  • Tuition Fees: You may have to pay for each semester, so pay on time to avoid late fees. 
Monthly Things
  • Credit card bill: Pay these off on time and in full. Remember that if you pay late, you'll lower your credit score. (If that happens, read up on how to raise it again). 
  • Checking account: Do you have an account that you regularly withdraw from or spend money with? Make sure there’s actually money in there before you spend to avoid fees! 
  • Contribute to your investment accounts regularly. Read my post on an easy investment strategy that anyone can use!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments. 

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