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Hello, welcome to Money Matters! Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you learn something from what I've written. :)

You can start your financial education by browsing the list of topics on the right-most column of the blog. I write about anything that's remotely related to money, so you'll find stuff ranging from investing to cooking. Keep in mind that my advice is geared towards young adults (I'm not trying to be an expert investor here).

New posts every Monday. :) Happy reading!


Money Matters is a personal finance blog geared towards young adults that I started writing in May 2013.  My goal is to show people that personal finance is important - and above all, easier than it looks.  


My name is Joan and I am a college student majoring in Computer Science. :) I am passionate about personal finance, computer science, and household appliances. Learn more about my side projects here!


I do my best to be accurate, have read a significant amount of literature and always double check my facts - but alas, I am still not an "expert." 


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Please contact me at moneymattersjoan@gmail.com with any comments, suggestions or questions. I'm just starting out and would love to hear your feedback!